(†) Dr. (HC) Johannes Oentoro
The late Mr. Johannes Oentoro was the founder of Pelita Harapan Educational Foundation, which facilitated his vision to open excellent schools for different levels of society so that every individual may have access to quality education. The first Rector of UPH believed that knowledge alone was not enough. It must be guided by faith in God in order to produce people with godly character.
Dr. (HC). James T. Riady
Mr. James Riady is the co-founder of Pelita Harapan Educational Foundation, and the driving force behind the development of model institutions and innovative education that will impact the nation of Indonesia. The chairman of the foundation is committed to developing leaders who are equipped with knowledge, faith and character, based on Biblical principles, who will lead with passion and professionalism.
Mr. Winata Wirjaputra
Mr. Winata Wirjaputra is a senior  experienced financial professional. He has been actively involved in the foundation since 1992 and has held the position of Foundation Treasurer since 2002. He is also involved in many churches and social activities
Mrs. Minny Riady

Mrs. Minny Riady is the Director of the Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan. She is a successful business woman who plays a key role in managing many of the Lippo Group’s business ventures both locally and internationally. She is also active in various social organizations and Christian associations.

Mr. Markus Permadi

Mr. Markus Permadi is a respected banker who has held senior positions in Citibank, Bank Lippo, and Bank Mandiri. He is distinguished in public service, and has held positions in the Finance Ministry, Vice Minister in the State-Owned Enterprise Ministry, and Institute for Deposit Guarantor (LPS). He is also active in church and various social activities.

Dr. Niel Nielson

Dr. Nielson has served as a university  professor of philosophy, a financial derivatives trader, mergers and acquisitions executive, church pastor, founder and CEO of a digital education company, and president of a Christian university in the U.S. He has served on boards of directors of Christian schools, a trucking company, and a civic arts and symphony organization. Currently he serves on the boards of directors of more than one hundred publicly-traded investment funds, a Christian publishing company, and a global Christian philanthropic foundation. He also serves on the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Role of Faith, and is an ordained minister. Dr. Nielson is a graduate of Wheaton College (IL, USA) and holds Masters and Ph.D. degrees in philosophy from Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Robert Cox (Ric) Cannada, Jr

Dr. Cannada is Senior Advisor to the Pelita Harapan Foundation. He also is Chancellor Emeritus of Reformed Theological Seminary with multiple campuses scattered throughout the southeastern United States.

Dr. Cannada is a native of Jackson, MS, and a graduate of Vanderbilt University and Reformed Seminary.

Ric’s service to the Lord includes twenty years of experience as a Presbyterian pastor prior to serving twenty years in leadership at Reformed Seminary.

Dr. Cannada also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee for the World Reformed Fellowship.

Dr. (HON). Jonathan L. Parapak, M.Eng.Sc.

Dr. Jonathan L. Parapak was the President, CEO, and Chairman of Indosat. He also served as Secretary General of the Department of Tourism, Post, Telecommunication; and was a member of the National Council of Research. Joining UPH in 2001, he was appointed President and Rector of UPH in 2006. He is active in church and other social activities.

Mrs. Aileen H. Riady
Mrs. Aileen H. Riady is the SPH International Associate Head of School. She has a deep passion for Christian Education and a vision for teacher training and empowerment. Mrs. Riady is actively involved in many aspects of training and instruction for students, teachers, and also parents, and she supports various ministries and Christian associations.

Phillip Nash

Mr Phillip Nash is the Head of School of Sekolah Pelita Harapan, Lippo Village and the Coordinator of the 5 schools in the SPH Group.  He has  nearly 20 years experience of senior management positions in Christian schools in New Zealand and Australia as well as being General Manager for the Christian Education Trust in New Zealand which operated a large Christian school, a private tertiary institute, 5 pre-schools and an English language school.

The son of missionary parents he was born in the Solomon Islands, is an Australian citizen but a resident of New Zealand and a graduate of Canterbury University (NZ), has a Masters in Educational Leadership from Morling Education (Australia) and is currently undertaking PhD studies in Educational Leadership with Columbia International University, South Carolina, USA.

Dr. Gunawaty Tjioe, B.Ed., M.Pd

Dr. Gunawaty Tjioe joined YPPH in 2003. Currently she serves as the Head of SDH and SLH schools, and as the Dean of the Faculty of Education at UPH. She received her Doctoral degree in Educational Studies from Biola University, U.S.A.; her Master degree in Primary Education from UPH, Indonesia, and her Bachelor of Education degree from Tabor College, Australia.

It is her passion to see holistic transformative Christian education taking place in all SDH and SLH schools, where Christ preeminent is proclaimed, and where students as the unique creations of God are encouraged to discover, develop, and use their God-given talents and gifts to impact the world in God-honoring ways.

Wiginy Kusliawan
UPH College School System Coordinator