Auto-Navigating Multipurpose Mini Airplane Development by Bennaya (Gr. 12)
27 Apr 2021

Bennaya Kendrana (Gr. 12 at SPH Lippo Village) started his project in the Applied Science Academy since he was in Grade 11 with an ambitious goal. He wanted to develop a mini airplane that can self-navigate without any manual controls for various purposes. Bennaya started without any experience in airframe design and electronics, but through dedication, hard work, and persistence, he made the impossible possible.

It is an incredibly involved and ambitious project but through hard work, persistence, excellent time management, and passion for learning, he finally succeeds. Bennaya worked on his airplane consistently for over a year and a half with his mentors, going through several stages of designing, building, and testing. Bennaya has successfully developed an unmanned aerial vehicle that is capable to perform surveillance mapping that uses only 30% of engine power to sustain a stable flight. We are grateful for Pak Budi and Pak Hapit at Carita Boat Indonesia for being an inspiration and a role model to Bennaya. In the near future, he plans to study aeronautics engineering at university. He knows he has much to learn but he is ready for the challenge.

Congratulations to Bennaya for this incredible milestone in your career as a future aeronautics engineer!

At SPH, we provide many avenues for students to develop their passion as well as advancing their knowledge & skills. Through SPH’s Applied Science Academy, student-scientists such as Bennaya have the opportunity to experience more advanced scientific research & create their own projects in science & technology, mentored by the experts.

We encourage our students to be creative and innovative in science in hope that they will bring betterment & become problem solvers in the future.

Watch Bennaya’s complete journey here:

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