Hero image Sekolah Lentera Harapan Gunung Moria:  Awal Perjalanan Baru Generasi Muda Papua

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Sekolah Lentera Harapan Gunung Moria: A New Journey of Papua’s Young Generation

The newest member of the Sekolah Lentera Harapan family, Sekolah Lentera Harapan Gunung Moria in Lippo Village, officially embarked on its first ever school year in July 2023. 

The inspiration of this new school’s name came straight from the founder of YPPH, Dr. (HC). James T. Riady, who holds the school very dear to his heart. The name originated from the Moriah Mountain, a special place in the Bible with a significant history, which has been a silent witness to the strong faith of biblical role models and the miraculous events that glorified God's name. In ancient Jewish tradition, it was the very place where The Lord commenced the point of creation. It oversaw the creation process of Adam, the wrestle between Jacob and The Lord, Jacob being awed by the ladder going up and down from Heaven, the near sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham, and the final substitute death of Christ on the Cross. 

The establishment of SLH Moria is also the result of extensive thoughts and considerations as special as its namesake. In fact, there are numerous challenges and negative exposures that can affect the children growing up in the remote areas of Papua. From illegal mining that damages natural resources and causes pollution, to human trafficking that mainly targets boys and girls for forced labor or sexual exploitation. 

Therefore, the Foundation sees the urgency to establish a strong foundation within the ecosystem where they grow each day, and to bring the young generation of Papua to a place where they can thrive safely and healthily. A total of 152 sons and daughters of the inland Papuan regions were chosen and set sail to Karawaci, Tangerang, to embark on their journey of knowledge towards a wider horizon. Their arrival was joyfully welcomed by the entire Foundation and the headmaster of SLH Moria, Beta Mualiman Laoli. He was the first graduate of Teacher’s College UPH sent to serve as a teacher in Mamit in 2013. After completing his master's program at Covenant College in the United States – one of the best Christian campuses in the country – he returned to lead the children who come from the land of Papua, where he initially devoted his heart to the education of Indonesia. 

The Foundation holds the hope that the new students receiving education at SLH Moria will hold a heartfelt commitment and be called to serve in the three areas of service that are the focus of the Foundation: education, healthcare, and church ministry. Hopefully that they will heed to the calling to return to the Papua hinterlands and build the body of Christ there – becoming teachers, nurses, or servants of God with a mission and dedication to proclaim Christ wherever they serve. 

YPPH also extends an open invitation to the Opening and Commissioning of Sekolah Lentera Harapan Gunung Moria, which will be held on Tuesday, August 15th , 2023, at 11.00 (West Indonesia Time) at UPH Grand Chapel. If you wish to participate in the event, guests are required to RSVP in advance through this link: bit.ly/RSVPSLHMoria. 

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