Hero image YPPH Matahari Rise and Run - 5K Charity for Education, galang dana untuk Pendidikan anak-anak di pelosok Indonesia

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YPPH Matahari Rise and Run - 5K Charity for Education: Raising support for children’s education around Indonesia

The Pelita Harapan Education Foundation (YPPH), with the support of the Matahari Department Store as the main sponsor, showed love and care to others by holding the Matahari Rise and Run - 5K Charity for Education event. This activity was in response to the Covid-19 pandemic that for the past two years challenged every level of society, including students who faced having to drop out of school due to economic difficulties. A total of 1,152 participants from the YPPH community registered for the event along with 1,200 students from UPH’s Teachers College (TC) and the Faculty of Nursing (FoN) and ran for 5 kilometers in the Lippo Village area of Tangerang.

This activity was open to the entire YPPH family, including Pelita Harapan Schools (SPH), Dian Harapan Schools (SDH), Lentera Harapan Schools (SLH), UPH College, Hope Academy, and Pelita Harapan University (UPH), sponsors, as well as anyone from the general public who was moved to participate and contribute to this worthy cause.

In March 2022, participants interested in running the 5K began registering and paying the registration fee of IDR 100,000. Donations could also be made through voluntary funds for those not able to take part in the running event.

The total amount collected from runners and sponsors was IDR 450,000,000 . Later, the funds will be dispersed to 26 Lentera Harapan Schools spread across Indonesia to support the cost of education for  students from financially-challenged families.

Saturday morning’s event opened with remarks from YPPH Executive Director, Stephanie Riady, B.A., M.Ed., who stated that we hold hands with SLH children as we run together to welcome the future through the education they receive.

YPPH Sports Advisor and UPH Sports Director Stephen L. Metcalfe stated that the foundation for this event was the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus who came to earth as a human being and was able to face every challenge without looking for easy ways.

"In this event, we want to give a challenge to run as far as 5 km to all participants, where when they dare to start this challenge, they must also be able to complete it until they reach the finish line,” he said at the UPH campus.

"Although it will be painful, tiring, and we want to stop, we have to go through every step and finish what we have started. This is a way to challenge ourselves physically which ultimately makes our minds grow," added the man who is familiarly called Coach Met.

SDH-SLH's Head of Marketing who was also on the planning committee for the event, Fickle Firland, said that the vision described by Coach Met was carried through all the "Matahari Rise and Run" activities in commemoration of the Easter holiday.

This activity was held in the Lippo Village area, with the start and finish line at the UPH soccer field, and took place from 06.00 to 09.00 WIB. All activities had been arranged in such a way and were not just entertainment, but demonstrated how YPPH grows the seeds of concern so that it can bring blessings to people in need.

"We have also been supported by corporate partners who donated through sponsorship activities, one of which was the Matahari Department Store which carried the name of this event.  Other sponsors included Multipolar Technology, TMD, First Media, Coco Day, Berita Satu, Hypermart, Lippo Insurance, Time Zone, King Foto, Maxx Coffee, and De Awani. “In addition, we also opened a food and beverage bazaar, as well as several sponsor booths," said Fickle. Running participants received a waist bag containing Maxx Coffee vouchers, Timezone vouchers, hand sanitizer, Prima Protect+ masks, and Lanterns for the Nation (LBB) flyers.

Main stage events included dances from SLH Curug students, a band from SDH students Daan Mogot, and UPH Teachers College students, a five-country dance from the ITC UPH with MC Isabella Oroh from SDH and Christ Mouw from UPH.

The "Matahari Rise and Run" activity was one of YPPH's commitment to making an impact on the nation. Through this event, hopefully each individual was able to interpret the Easter moment more deeply, feeling God's love through sharing activities with others. 

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